Even Our Hospital Doesn’t Have A Toilet That We Can Safely Use

A Wheelie Great Adventure

My seven year old daughter needs the loo, nothing unusual there, we all do on average 4-6 times a day, more so if you’re a small child. Most places we go there is a loo that we can use, if there isn’t a public toilet available when we go out, then we nip somewhere to eat and use their loo while we’re at it. Pubs, cafes, cinemas, supermarkets, theatres and shopping centres all provide toilets for their customers. I mean who would visit if they didn’t? There would be an uproar! However they do not provide toilets for my daughter.

 Even my local hospital doesn’t provide a toilet that my daughter can safely use.

Now I bet you are thinking that I live in a 3rd world country, but no I live in the UK.

My daughter happens to have physical and learning disabilities. She is a wheelchair user, unable…

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