What we do?

Access Enable 1st Ltd – What we do

What we do

The Equality Act of 2010 enforces the requirements of the previous Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) this is a serious act with serious consequences for non compliance.

Our auditors have first hand experience of the impacts and actions a disability can cause.  We work with you to achieve the best and most cost effective solution in meeting your access needs.

  • We remove worry of non compliance,  which in turn improves your disabled access.
  • Avoiding unnecessary expensive changes and meeting your needs and the needs of the disabled.
  • We implement Reasonable Adjustment measures to help you comply with the disability equality laws.
  • We help create an access statement as a continued plan towards achieving full Equality Act compliance in both new and old buildings.

Each accessibility report contains recommendations that are easily followed and understood with realistic and manageable timescales. Reports are written to meet your customers needs.