Disability Awareness Training

Access Enable 1st Ltd – Disability Awareness Training

We offer a bespoke range of courses that fit around your business.

If your reading this you want to meet the needs of all your visitors? To do that you need well trained and confident staff.  If you want customers to leave your venue having had a great experience then give us a call.

We can talk you through our bespoke courses and work with you to make sure we deliver the best course for your venue.  We all have a connection to disability, we enable you as a business to use that and open up your full potential.

Customer Service for All

What makes for outstanding service?

The key to customer service is understanding your customer and there needs.  Our Challenging, engaging and enlightening sessions help build confidence and skills in offering a outstanding service to all visitors including those with specific needs.

We focus on:

  • The tourism market: Understand the value of all customers including those with specific needs.
  • Know your visitor:  Develop understanding of the factors that create visitor expectations
  • The law:  Relate the Equality Act 2010 to your customers and the services you offer.
  • Exploring self:  Do we stereotype, and the prejudice and discrimination impacting on services offered by you
  • Building confidence:  Developing exceptional customer service using verbal and non verbal communication methods

Seminars / Conference Speaking

We are delighted to receive requests to speak and share our knowledge.

Our workshops can be tailored to meet specific learning outcomes, time frames and budgets.

Contact us to discuss your brief and book one of our expert facilitators.